Oh man, so I'm finally here. Well I've actually been here since Tuesday but have been very busy with this crazy schedule they have us on. First of all we arrived to Korea around 5pm but had to wait for a bus to take us to Jeonju and that was around 8pm. Four hours later we arrived to Jeonju but had to deal with luggage and registration so didn't get sleep until 2am. Between jet lag and lack of sleep this trip has been quite exhausting. Luckily we had a buffer by stopping in San Francisco which was just such an awesome time!

As for being here it is a lot like college or camp. There are about 650 of us and we are divided up by the city or province we are going to. I have already met a lot of the people going to Daegu and they seem like a great bunch! Hopefully we will all be able to help each other out with getting adjusted and to have people to do stuff with so it doesn't get lonely. We have to attend a lot of lectures but at least they give us food. We get drinks and snacks after every lecture, lol. As for the food, it has been pretty tasty with the exception of tonight. We have a buffet-style meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The buffet tonight was full of fish... so being the spoiled Americans that we are, Katrina and I went across the street to this really good gelato and waffle place. It is reasonably priced too!

I really like Korea so far, but this is only the beginning. We haven't even made it to the town we will be spending the rest of the time in yet... Since we are staying on a college campus right now it feels very much like home. Except the bathrooms don't have a curtain and the towels are tiny. Thank God I packed my own and will have them when I get to my own place. I really hate not knowing any of the language though and it makes me feel bad. As I am writing this I should be in survivial Korean class but we are opting out of it because most people haven't had good things to say about it.

Well I am going to relax a bit before possibly going out.