It is WAY too early to be blogging, but I'm bored.

Not to mention it's been awhile so an update is long overdue. That's partially because I've been waiting to see what is going to happen with this contract situation. The news - notice I didn't specify an adjective in there - is that I received my contract a couple of weeks ago. I am/was really excited when I received it, and even made my mom go pick it up from the post office since nobody was home at the time when they delivered it. I'm kind of having conflicting feelings though, mainly because of the threats North Korea is posing. Although, they are planning on launching a missile at Hawaii so maybe the U.S. isn't much of a safer alternative. Why can't we all just get along??

Aside from that there are a few minor (hehe) obstacles I am trying to overcome but ultimately I am thinking I will be there come August. I am still looking really forward to it! I know this is kind of confusing but if only you knew what was going on in my head! Anyway, my contract is for a position in Daegu which is where my mom was born so that would be pretty neat to be where she spent the first six years of her life before coming to America. It is a metropolitan area, the fourth largest city in Korea, and hopefully I would be placed in a good location. Busan, the coastal city that I chose as my first choice, filled up quickly but I will probably just vacation there :)

I watched my first Korean movie last night and it was pretty good! They definitely are different from the films I am accustomed to. I really liked that the storyline was totally unlike anything I have ever seen before, very unique, to me anyway - I'm not a movie critic. Of course it was a love story, but a bizarre one.

If I am going to make this Korea thing happen then I have some work to do.
1. Obtain my teaching visa
2. Get a TESOL Certificate so I'll make more $

More to come later!